Real Estate X Tech to Open Up a New Market.

Loadstar Capital started in 2012 with a team of just three people. What these three people had in common were a profound understanding of the world of real estate, which is the foundation of society and the economy, acquired through many years of involvement in the real estate business as well as an ambition to breathe new life into the Japanese real estate business.


Over the following five years, we dedicated all our strength to getting through the Company's startup period. We worked to develop an operating foundation through the traditional business practices of consulting, brokerage, and investment in real estate, while taking on a new initiative to achieve our founding objective.


The new initiative was the release of OwnersBook in 2014, a real estatefocused crowdfunding platform. With this service, numerous individual investors can now invest in real estate over the Internet, even with relatively small amounts of money. A portion of the income from the residential properties, office buildings, and commercial facilities invested in is then returned as dividends. This business model has garnered a lot of attention in and outside the industry as one that opens up real estate investment, which had been regarded as a preserve of professionals and the wealthy, to ordinary people and investors. OwnersBook also provides social networking service (SNS) functions, enabling close communication and sharing of information and experience among individual investors.


Today Japan is experiencing an environment of historically low growth. There will be no stopping the sweeping trend from savings to investment. Through OwnersBook, we hope to give as many investors as possible a taste of the appeal and real joy of real estate investment. In the years ahead, we will continue to embrace challenges, with the aim of bringing change to the Japanese real estate business.

Tatsushi Iwano


Loadstar Capital K.K.