Loadstar Capital K.K. (“the Company”) recognizes that the proper protection of your personal information is an important aspect of our business operations. Accordingly, we comply with laws, regulations, and other standards relating to the protection of personal information and have implemented and maintain the following privacy policy, with a view toward the appropriate use and management of your personal information.

1.  Definitions

(1)Personal Information

Information handled by the Company that can identify individual customers (meaning information that can specify or identify individual customers with one or a combination of pieces of information such as a name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, and employer.)

(2) Personal


Personal Information handled by the Company that has been organized to enable searches for specific individuals (meaning information that is searchable in PCs, etc., or information that has been put in an easily searchable format by creating a table of contents or index in accordance with defined rules.)

(3) Retained Personal Data Personal Data handled by the Company that is created and organized by the Company and that the Company has the authority to disclose or correct, etc.


2. Collection of Personal Information

The Company collects Personal Information through legal and fair means and explicitly states necessary information, such as the purpose of use of the Personal Information, at the time of collection.

3. Use of Personal Information

(1) The Company uses the Personal Information you provide within the scope of the Company's business purposes indicated below:

  1. Type II Financial Instruments Business;
  2. Investment Advisory and Agency Business;
  3. Investment Management Business;
  4. Investment, management and consulting related to properties based on Tokumei Kumiai agreement (Silent Partnership agreement) ;
  5. Separate Management of contribution related to collective investment scheme interests, e.g., an equity in Tokumei Kumiai agreement;
  6. Acquisition, management, investment and possession of securities;
  7. Acquisition, possession, disposal and intermediary of an equity in Tokumei Kumiai agreement;
  8. Acquisition, possession, sale and purchase, lease, intermediary and management of real estate;
  9. Real estate consulting business;
  10. Asset management consulting business;
  11. Investment advisory business related to real estate;
  12. Information providing service via communication network, e.g., internet;
  13. Planning, creation, maintenance and management of internet homepage;
  14. Business based on Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures;
  15. Loan, guarantee of obligations and other financial business;
  16. Financial instruments intermediary service business;
  17. Financial service brokerage business;
  18. Guidance and provision of Loadstar Group’s general service, e.g., (i) products, (ii) related services, (iii) events and seminars offers, (iv) solicitation, advertisement and sending materials of services (to be) provided;
  19. Market research and analysis within Loadstar Group, and research and development of financial products and services; 
  20. Other tasks that the Company deems necessary to appropriately and smoothly carry out transactions with you;
  21. Other business incidental ore relating to the businesses referred to in any of the foregoing items; and
  22. Providing the Personal Information to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the businesses from 1 to 20 stated in the above.

(2) Except where otherwise prescribed in laws and regulations, the Company uses the Personal Information provided by you within the scope of the purpose of use specified by the Company and only to the extent necessary to carry out business operations. In the event that we intend to use Personal Information beyond the scope of the purpose of use, we will notify you to that effect in advance and ask for your consent thereto.

4. Outsourcing

The Company occasionally outsources some tasks. Consequent upon that outsourcing, we may provide the subcontractor(s) with your Personal Information after taking adequate safeguards.

5. Shared use

The Company conducts shared use of your Personal Information as follows:

(1) Items of Personal Information subject to shared use:


basic information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupations, and employers;

 ii information on our transactions with you;

information on our history of transactions with you and your transaction needs;

 iv information relating to assets and liabilities;

information relating to risk management; and

 vi information necessary for business administration of the Loadstar Capital Group.

(2) Scope of parties involved in shared use: 

 Loadstar Investments K.K.

 Loadstar Funding K.K.

(3) Purpose of use by the party involved in shared use:

 The purposes of use provided in clause 3 above

(4) Name of the party with responsibility for the management of Personal Information subject to shared use:

Loadstar Capital K.K.

6. Disclosure and provision to third parties

Except where providing Personal Information to a subcontractor as provided in clause 4 or where performing shared use as provided in clause 5 or where any of the situations indicated below apply, the Company shall not disclose or provide your Personal Information to third parties:

(1) where we have obtained your consent in advance;

where disclosing or providing information in a format where you cannot be identified due to methods such as data processing;


where based on laws and regulations;

(4) where necessary for the protection of human life, health, or property and where it is not possible to obtain your consent;
(5) where especially necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound development of children and where it is not possible to obtain your consent; and
(6) where it is necessary to cooperate with national agencies or local government organizations or parties entrusted by them in the performance of duties stipulated in laws and regulations, and where obtaining your consent might interfere with the performance of said duties.

7. Measures for the safe management of Retained Personal Data

The Company takes the following initiatives for the safe management of Retained Personal Data:

(1) rational measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses, etc., to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage, etc., of Personal Information; and
(2) appointment within the Company of a person responsible for the protection and management of Personal Information, and the implementation of proper management of Personal Information.


8. Disclosure, correction, and discontinuation of use of Retained Personal Data

The Company recognizes that you have the right to request the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, and deletion, etc., of Retained Personal Data relating to you. When we receive such a request from you, we shall respond promptly, in accordance with application procedures, such as for requesting disclosure, specified in the privacy policy.

9. Establishment, implementation, and revision of rules and policies, etc., related to the protection of Personal Information

(1) The Company shall, in order to carry out the provisions of this policy, establish internal rules relating to the protection of your Personal Information and thoroughly familiarize all persons employed by the Company (including officers, employees, and contract workers, etc.), and properly supervise the parties involved in shared use as well as subcontractors, etc...
(2) The Company revises our privacy policy as needed to make absolutely sure that it continues to protect your Personal Information.


10.  Privacy and the Internet

Please read the following additional information if you receive services provided by the Company through our website (including systems on servers operated and managed by the Company):

  • The Company's website is built on infrastructure consisting of multiple layers of protection, ranging from physical protection of hardware to features that sense external hacking. Industry standard encryption is used on the Company's private website to prevent your information leaking.

  • Security necessitates mutual cooperation between the Company and customers who use the Company's website.Passwords and IDs are issued only to individual customers and never provided to third parties. If you suspect that means of identity confirmation and verification such as your password and ID have been used by a third party, stop using the website and contact the Company.

  • The Company may provide third-party applications such as content links and facility sharing on our website. Information collected by these application providers is managed in accordance with the providers' privacy policies.

11. Inquiries

We accept requests for the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use, and deletion, etc., of Personal Information, questions about anything that is unclear, and inquiries regarding the handling of Personal Information that are mailed to the address given below. Please note that requests for disclosure, etc., made using other methods may be turned down.


Acceptance procedure

Loadstar Capital K.K., Personal Information Manager

1-10-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan


We will notify you of the detailed acceptance procedure when we receive a request. After confirming that the request has come from you (or your agent), we will reply in writing or some other means. Depending on the type of request, you may be asked to submit one of the Company's prescribed application forms.

12. Designated dispute resolution organization and contact for complaints or consultations

The designated dispute resolution organization indicated below accepts complaints and consultations regarding the handling of Personal Information.


Contact for complaints or consultations

Designated dispute resolution organization: Non-Profit Organization, Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center

Tel: 0120-64-5005 (Toll Free. Available only in Japan)

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